I love the creative process of creating a logo identity. These are just a couple recent examples from a wide variety of logo's ive created.



I'm handy with a camera of any kind, I love to shoot with existing lighting whenever I can.



I enjoy experimenting with a wide variety of styles in my work. I enjoy being able to meet the style my client requires


Web Development and Design

I've designed and maintained several web sites since 1995, here are just a few of the designs I have completed recently.

Club Worship website

This website was produced for Club Worship in 2009. image of club worship web site this is the previous club worship site, a more colaborative effort with me as the art director as it looked from 2006-2009

club worship web site


SEEPro website

this site was produced for Sound Experience Entertainment Professionals in 2011 and includes a logo design.image of the seepro website

Nicholas Stoltzfus website redesign

I produced a web site redesign for the historical Nicholas Stoltzfus Homestead in 2010, this included a logo design.image of the website


Interactive Multimedia

Virtual Tour

link to nicholas stoltzfus house virtual tour

The Nicholas Stoltzfus House virtual tour is a prototype for an interactive piece I plan to complete in 2011


link to maria flash

I created this interactive piece for my daughter. She drew the character on paper, I animated it in flash and added all the effects as she specified. Just a fun little project.


Computer based training

link to MERC - computer based training

This computer based training piece was produced for a respiratory care company and includes an interactive quiz.